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          1. 瓦爾特(無錫)有限公司

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            What we do: Drilling precision parts reliably


            Externally cooled Walter DB133 Supreme micro drills have become successfully established around the world for machining precision parts. The Tübingen-based company is now presenting two new developments in micro drilling: The DB133 Supreme solid carbide micro drill with internal coolant in dimensions of 5, 8 and 12 × Dc and the DB131 Supreme pilot micro drill, with a geometry and diameter tolerance perfectly tailored to the DB133 Supreme, in the dimensions of 2 × Dc. Both drills cover the diameter range from 0.7 mm to 1.984 mm, while the pilot drill is also suitable for diameters from 0.5 mm. The combination of these two drills is not the only factor behind the positive effects. Thanks to a new flute design, the chips break so that they are shorter and are reliably evacuated. A special cutting edge preparation enables outstanding surface finish quality on the component and ensures a long tool life.

            With these new products, Walter has further refined the adaptation of the L/D ratio to the required drilling depth. The result is a range of micro drills that ensures maximum stability when machining thanks to its broad scope and the optimised design. Walter offers both micro drills in the WJ30EL grade with micrograin carbide and full-length AlCrN coating, while the DB133 Supreme is also available in the WJ30ER grade with micrograin carbide and AlCrN point coating. The drill and pilot drill can be used with emulsion or oil and are suitable for all ISO material groups. In addition to the watchmaking industry and medical technology, the premium manufacturer cites general mechanical engineering, mould and die making, and the energy and automotive industries as other specific areas of application.

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